anti-vitruv and super brunelleschi is a relational study and frequently updated archive of experimental utopianism and paper architectures.

in deleuzean understanding, architectural concept can be taxonomised according to ways of expression and becoming:

in his book on cinema, gilles deleuze, commenting on the philosophy of henri bergson, dismisses the conception of cinema as a succession of still photographs. instead he develops a cinematic taxonomy which emerges on matter and memory, bergson’s thesis of an enmeshed human body in the world of matter. deleuze argues that cinema immediately gives us movement-image. figures are not described in motion. rather, the continuity of movement describes the figure (p5). in this respect, cinema embodies a modern conception of movement, “capable of thinking the production of the new” (p7), as opposed to the ancient conception of movement as a succession of separate elements.

the collected images from more or less well known architects and artists will be taxonomised for further analysis. paralleling the cinema-books different ways of spatial montage will create different transversal relational connections in architectural history. this study here, will focus on the evident problem of (p)representation, the reduction of four-dimensional ideas in two-dimensional visual renderings of unbuilt projects. preliminary we might relate

anti-vitruviusm, super-brunelleschi // perception image
computational figures and neo-narcism // affection image
new relationships and machinic desires // impulse image
architecture parlante and pomo-ducks // action image
the modernist and the broken mirror // reflexion image
collage archipelago and false folds // relation image
post-architectural and counter-contemporary // mental image



  1. congrats! hope the archive grows fast!

  2. Orestis

    This is a great resource ! You could perhaps have a voluntary submission/contact option.

  3. alejandro

    more of power-point simplicism

  4. This is so great. Do you have any plans to publish into a book?

  5. Nabil

    Great Job!

  6. is this on hiatus?

  7. FBN

    Brillant page!

  8. cfj

    my graduation thesis is about it! please keep posting

  9. Tina P

    Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me something more about OMU’s project for a City Park, Salemi, Sicilly. I am unable to find any information on it, neither on the internet nor in any of his books. I would like to integrate this project in a critical paper I am writing, but unfortunately have nothing to relate to. Thanks!

  10. Matija Dolenc

    This is awesome

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